School Cancellations

Updated: November 6, 2019

Just a reminder that Granite Hill School posts all school closures on WMUR’s website as well as channel 9.

Welcome back

As the school year gets underway the GHS community would like to welcome back all of our students. Over the summer GHS had some great changes! These changes include improvements to the school curriculum as well as the completion of the Middle School building. The Middle School program was able to move into their new space and start the year in the brand new building! We all look forward to a great school year!

BEAR Essentials Program

The Granite Hill School is proud to announce the start of our new BEAR Essentials program. The goal of this program is to eliminate food insecurity as well as teach  the importance of giving back to our community. We strive to not only support our students with their education, but build students who will be contributing members of our community.  This program will provide prepackaged, home cooked meals as well as some basic hygiene products to send home with our students.

If you have any questions or would like to help in our mission, please contact Danielle Paranto, Principal.

Cardboard Sleds

The Granite Hill School community is excited to announce that for the second year in a row, students will be competing in a cardboard sled race. Students and staff will be divided up into multiple groups. Each group will be given similar materials. The groups will then have one day to construct a sled that can go the furthest distance down a hill. We are excited to invite family members to the sledding part of the competition. If you are interested in joining us for the competition it will be at 12:30 on March 13th. Please contact the main office if you plan on attending!

Expansion Projects

It is an exciting time to be part of the GHS community. The new Junior high building continues to make great progress. We are also excited to announce that a new PE space as been created in the basement of the main building. Many team members have worked hard to create this space and are excited to see it furnished soon.

January Update

The Granite Hill School community is excited to be approaching the halfway point of the school year. The current semester ends on January 25th. Students are finishing up work and working with administration to choose their new classes. Students will be starting their new courses on January 28th. As the semester changes students and staff are also gearing up for the second annual cardboard sled race. With this activity the school community comes together and the students work in teams to create sleds out of cardboard and see which team’s sled can make it down a large hill and whose will go the farthest. This will be the second school-wide competition of this year. The GHS community is also excited to share the news that our new Junior High building is officially under construction.

Weather Cancellations

All students should follow the weather closings and delays in their home district.   

Additionally, Granite Hill School may close or delay opening.

Granite Hill School uses WMUR — Channel 9 and to report delays and closings.  

October/November Update

The last few months at Granite Hill School have been exciting! At the end of October all school members participated in our 2nd Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ event. Students and staff worked in teams for one week to create a device that could throw a pumpkin as far as possible.  This event was the culmination of Fall Spirit Week which included days like Sports Day and Costume Day. GHS has also had some other exciting events. The Middle School students took a field trip to the local polling station to learn about elections and in mid-November the entire school came together again for our annual Thanksgiving feast.