That’s a wrap!

The end of the year has come. We hope students enjoyed the end of the year celebrations. There will be staff in the building until the 19th of June. GHS will be closed from the 19th to the 27th of June. ESY begins on July 1, 2024. We hope all of our students have a great summer and we look forward to their return in the fall if we will not be seeing them in ESY.

4th Quarter Information and Reminders

April first marks the start of the 4th quarter. Report cards should be going out at the end of the week or the beginning of next week.

With the impending storm, please remember that all school closures for GHS are posted on WMUR. GHS does not call families for school closures.

There is a schedule change for April 8th. Please see below.

On April 8, 2024, we will be having an early release day @11:30 am due to the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is expected to start in Newport at approximately 2:15 pm, with the sun being 97% covered by 3:30 pm. This timing coincides with our regular dismissal schedule. While solar eclipses are awe-inspiring natural phenomena, they also present certain risks, particularly concerning the safety of our students and drivers.

Progress Reports

We hope all of our GHS families had a fun and relaxing Winter Break.

Students have come back from break and settled back into classes. Teachers are currently working on finalizing progress reports which will be sent home in the next week. The 3rd quarter ends March 28th. Students have until then to get work completed for 3rd quarter.

Second Semester Underway!

Second semester is officially underway. Students have transitioned to their new classes and settled in. Families should have received report cards finalizing first semester.

Please remember that GHS uses WMUR for all school closings and that students should complete their Blizzard Bags anytime a snow day is called.

Time For Change

Not only did the clocks change this weekend, but GHS is facing its own changes.

First, we have moved onto second quarter. Report cards are being finalized for the first quarter and will be sent home soon.

Second, GHS, as with everyone else, is dealing with changes in the weather. As a reminder, students should come dressed appropriately for the weather. GHS participates in outdoor activities year round and for students to do that safely, they must be dressed accordingly. With the weather changing, please review GHS cancelation procedures.

School Cancellation Procedures

GHS uses WMUR News 9 as the designated location where school closings due to weather will be posted. These closings are listed online at Once you go to their website, click on the tab for closings, and you will see Granite Hill School listed. Granite Hill School DOES NOT do a phone message or email to families when school is cancelled.

If your student’s district closes due to weather, but GHS is still open, transportation will not be provided and your student is not expected to come in. If your student’s district has a 2 hour delay, transportation will pick your student up after the 2 hour delay.

Fall Fun and Updates

School is in full swing. Students have settled into their classes and have been working hard. Teachers wrote progress reports last week, which are getting finalized and will be sent out soon. These progress reports give students and families a good idea about where they stand halfway through the first quarter.

The high school has implemented All School Sportsball once a week. In this activity, all students participate in friendly competition, such as soccer or kickball.

The end of October will bring Spirit Week, beginning on Monday the 23rd. More information will be provided to students in the coming days.

Welcome Back

The staff at Granite Hill School are gearing up for another exciting school year. The first day of school is Monday, August 28th. It is important to note that the first week of school is only 4 days and that Thursday is an early release at noon for all students. GHS staff are excited to see students and jump into another fun filled year. As a reminder, there is a new cell phone and electronics policy that was sent home to all families. This should be reviewed with students before the first day of school. We look forward to seeing you all!

Senior Activities

 Below is all the information for the end of the year activities for seniors. Please reach out if you have any questions. You can call the school directly or reach out to Brittney Crawford, the senior class advisor, via email:

Senior Trips

There are two senior trip options this year. Students have already chosen their destination and the information for each trip is as follows. Boston: This trip will be occurring on May 25th. Students will arrive on their normal transportation. Students will leave GHS to head to Boston at 8:45. Students will return to GHS between 4:30 and 5 and GHS will provide transportation home for students. Canobie: This trip will be occurring on June 8th. Students will arrive on their normal transportation. Students will leave GHS to head to Canobie Lake Park at 8:45. Students will return to GHS between 4 and  4:30 and GHS will provide transportation home for students. 

**On the day of the Boston trip, the seniors going to Canobie DO NOT need to come to school. On the day of the Canobie trip, the students that went on the Boston trip DO NOT need to come to school. The exception to this is if your senior owes any work, they will be expected to still attend school to get caught up.


Graduation will be taking place on June 16th at 1pm. Seniors are not expected or required to come to school that day, but should plan to arrive at GHS by 12:15. Graduates will be given the option of formal portraits once in their graduation attire, this is free for families. Please let GHS know if your student will need transportation. Graduation will start promptly at 1pm. There is no limit on how many guests each senior can bring; however each senior will be provided with one table and 8 chairs for their guests. This means any additional guests will need to bring their own chair, or be okay with standing. This event happens RAIN OR SHINE.