Parent Letter and Survey

Dear Parents, 

I know we are all anxious and curious about the start of the school year.  GHS has spent much time reading the guidelines and recommendations from the Governor, Commissioner of Education and the CDC, as well as discussed the needs of our students and staff and what we feel we can safely offer for the start of the year.  GHS is prepared to offer in person schooling with the recommended guidelines and provisions being enforced.  These provisions are listed below.   This being said, GHS is also prepared to offer remote learning to students and parents who do not feel comfortable sending their child to school.  We are asking that ALL parents review the provisions below for in-school services and then complete the survey, by clicking the link below.   At this time, GHS will not be offering a hybrid option so students and parents must select in person or remote.

  • All staff and students will be screened first, before entering a school vehicle and second before entering the school building.   Should a student not pass the screening questions, they will not be transported to school and will return home until they have been cleared by a doctor to return to school.  
  • Should a student become sick during the day, the student will be quarantined until a parent can pick them up from school.
  • All students will be separated into cohorts of 10 or less that will be maintained throughout the school day.  Students may have smaller pods within the cohort to address scheduling needs. 
  • All meals will be served in the classroom to minimize congregations of large groups.
  • Class size will be determined by classroom capacity, based on a minimum distance of 3 ft.
  • All Staff will be required to wear a mask. Students will need to wear a mask at least, when social distancing cannot be maintained.  GHS will have disposable face masks on hand, if students forget their mask. 
  • Transportation will continue to be provided in accordance with each student’s IEP.  There will be reduced capacity on the bus and students and the drivers will be required to wear a face covering.

Lastly, Please click on the link to complete the google form.  Your input is important as we determine how best to meet the needs of our students.

Thank you and Be well~

Sarah Attwood

Assistant Principal

The Granite Hill School

GHS April Update – 4/13/2020

Dear Parents and School Districts~

I hope this letter finds you all healthy and safe.  I wanted to let you know that the Granite Hill School will not be participating in April Vacation this year.  The Granite Hill School is going to keep working with students each weekday throughout the month with a goal of offering continued support and instruction during this remote learning phase. The Grades for 3rd quarter will be closing on the 17th and it is likely there will be incompletes listed for some of the grades.  Please know that our priority is keeping our students successful and because of this,  students will be offered an additional 2 weeks to complete the missing work from the 3rd quarter.


Danielle Paranto

Danielle Paranto, M.Ed


Community Update 3/30/2020

Hope you are doing well during this new and unchartered time.  We at GHS miss our students greatly and are doing everything we can to keep in touch while remote learning is in session.   We will continue to provide our students with breakfast and lunch as well as access to our staff for daily support and instruction.   With the Governor’s order to extend our remote learning, we will be working with students and parents on providing a Chromebook to students who do not have one available to them.  With this, GHS will be developing student emails and opening up email and google classroom as a teaching resource. 
Please look for future updates on this~  We look forward to this expansion in our communication~Please stay safe and be responsible

School Closure Update 3/15/2020

Dear Granite Hill School Team~

I am writing to inform you that due to the Public Health Emergency that is emerging and evolving due to the COVID-19 Virus, the Granite Hill School will be closing to students until April 6, 2020.  This date may be adjusted as we all continue to monitor the situation.

The goal of the Granite Hill School is to continue to provide learning opportunities to our students through a paper and pencil process.  We have asked teachers to prepare lessons for 2 week cycles. Our transportation department will be delivering the materials to your door on Wednesday and will return in two weeks to pick up the materials and deliver more as needed.

Additionally, the Granite Hill School is committing to providing meals for both breakfast and lunch as part of our remote service model.  Drivers will also be delivering food to your home that will last for a 2 week period of time.

Lastly, Counseling and Instructional Support will be available by phone and will be scheduled individually with each student.

I know this is a confusing and difficult time for all of us and I want to ensure you, Granite Hill School is taking this matter very seriously and will work diligently at meeting the needs of our students and their families.

Next Steps:

Nina Albano and Tina Clay will be calling all parents and students Monday and Tuesday to arrange for counseling and instructional support and sessions.  Please feel free to call in to the school as well.

Erica, our transportation supervisor, will be reaching out to let you know what time to expect work and meals to be delivered.  Deliveries will be occurring on Wednesday.

In closing,  we appreciate the stress and strain that this emergency is placing on our communities and families and will continue to offer our consistent support throughout this process.


Danielle Paranto, M.Ed


Community Update 3/12/2020

Dear Granite Hill School Team~

Today we were informed from the Newport School District that they have a staff member who has possibly been exposed to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) illness.  For solely precautionary measures, the Granite Hill School will be closing today at 11:30pm. Additionally the Granite Hill School will be closed tomorrow, while we monitor the situation.

Additionally, the Granite Hill School would encourage you to read the following information that has been released from the American Red  Cross.

End of First Semester

Updated: January 17, 2020

As the first semester ends, Granite Hill staff has decided to have a Teacher Work Day on January 27th. This means there is NO SCHOOL for students on January 27, 2020. Grades for first semester will close the Friday before on January 24th. New classes will begin on January 28, 2020. If you have any questions, feel free to call 603-863-0697.

School Cancellations

Updated: November 6, 2019

Just a reminder that Granite Hill School posts all school closures on WMUR’s website as well as channel 9.

Welcome back

As the school year gets underway the GHS community would like to welcome back all of our students. Over the summer GHS had some great changes! These changes include improvements to the school curriculum as well as the completion of the Middle School building. The Middle School program was able to move into their new space and start the year in the brand new building! We all look forward to a great school year!

BEAR Essentials Program

The Granite Hill School is proud to announce the start of our new BEAR Essentials program. The goal of this program is to eliminate food insecurity as well as teach  the importance of giving back to our community. We strive to not only support our students with their education, but build students who will be contributing members of our community.  This program will provide prepackaged, home cooked meals as well as some basic hygiene products to send home with our students.

If you have any questions or would like to help in our mission, please contact Danielle Paranto, Principal.